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How to publish

Terms of publication on Revista Letrare

Revista Letrare® pays special attention to the quality of the creative work and copyright. For this reason, any publication implies that it has the permission of the author or copyright holder, or that the publication is made without violating these rights.
It is forbidden to republish the work published in Revista Letrare, except when the author or the copyright holder has verbally expressed the permission.

Submiting manuscripts

  • Manuscripts should be sent to the editorial office at the e-mail address: [email protected]
    Accepted formats are: TXT, DOC, DOCX
  • Unless the editors agree, submitting manuscripts in other forms will be ignored.
  • The editors try to respond quickly to all the messages received, but it often, due to the work load, there are delays.

Themes, quality and author

  • The magazine does not publish any works with open political or religious notes, in support or denigration of any political force, political or social grouping, religious affiliation and anything else similar.
  • The author or copyright holder is responsible for the authenticity of the work.
  • Except when agreed by the editorial board, all manuscripts must be proofread and when in Albanian, with thw use of the letters “ë” and “ç”.
  • All manuscripts are edited for quality and non-acceptance of such by the author is reason for not publishing the work.
  • The magazine is not obliged to publish all submitted manuscripts and the editorial board is not obliged to provide explanations or reasons for such.

Editorial staff and the publishing collegium

The Editors of Revista Letrare have the decision-making authority in publications.
An informal group, composed by writers, poets and publicists, supports the editorial board in the function of the literary collegium.

Revista Letrare® is the official of the Albanian Civic Club.
The Albanian Citizens’ Club® is a non-political, non-profit organization, officially registered in Albania and in the European Union.