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Reality of blur

The sun has favorites

The sun has favorites
He only shines on the happy
Don’t I deserve his light?
Sun, don’t I?
Maybe I don’t.
Maybe the light that I need,
Isn’t the light he can provide.
Should I walk the tunnel filled with darkness?
That only the bravest have walked before me
Even if the sun love’s me
His shine can’t break the walls that are up
The walls are loyal to their purpose
To show me what-is can be undone.


Reality of blur

The walls are crumbling down
from the temblor of my feet
I gasp
my heart bursting my chest
making its way into the reality
of blur
the devil-possessed
my eyes, my mind, my soul
my braided guts are ready to explode
die with honour, to stop the war


The day

Was yesterday a better day?
Is it tomorrow?
Is today the day I need?
Do I long for yesterday?
Maybe tomorrow is worse
or better than any other time
I dream of the day that never was
the one I didn’t wake in tears


The day by the sea

I wish to be one with the wind
To fly away from despair
To be a drop in the sea
With my tears snugging the shore
And then
To be one with the sand
Mixed in grains
As I longed
The day I went to the sea