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Luan RAMA: Poets die like birds

(Arben Shehi went to blow out his candle the night before…)


Poets fall like sparrows,
struck by lightning,
closer to the storm and the sun.
Poets are the wounded heart of gamebirds:
that’s why they are the first to plummet
wing-broken, sleepwalking
towards an endless death
in a life that does not dwindle.
Poets take the first blow
as they have embodied the fires and the heavenly voices
and so by Olympus are condemned.
They die before their time
From the life-long labour
of sowing love throughout their days.
Poets perish
From a lover’s loss and yearning tears
They stop hearts and break one’s breath
when in their death, they drop.
Glance away:
The poet’s searing gaze is brimmed with tears…


Traslated by: Miranda Shehu-Xhilaga


Luan Rama is an Albanian scholar, filmmaker, editor and writer born in Tirana in 1952. He graduated from Tirana University, Faculty of Political and Juridical Sciences, majoring in journalism and subsequently specialised in film making and communication at Paris VII “Denis Diderot” University. His career spans over 14 years as a screenwriter of many award-winning feature films, documentaries and cartoons for Albanian cinematic studios.

Rama is author of 60 books including novels, stories and historical books, such as “The literary Paris”, “Last trip of Arthur Rimbaud”, “The Autumn of Alberto Saviani”, “François Mitterand – Gods die also” and two volumes of poetry published in French, “Territories of the soul” and “Cover me with a piece of sky” (“Territores de l’ame”, “Couvrez-moi avec un morceau de ciel”) and “Porto Palermo”.

Luan Rama is a distinguished diplomat whom has served as an ambassador of his country from 1992-2005 in Paris, Lisbon and Monaco. He has represented Albania as the country’s cultural diplomat at UNESCO and the International Organization of La Francophonie (1997-2003).

For his distinguished service to his country and his excellence in writing, Luan Rama has been awarded many prices and recognition awards such as the 1986 “Naim Frashëri” medal, by the President of the Republic of Albania, the 2002 “Grand Officier” of “Ordre national du Mérite” (Grand Officer of the National Order of Merit) by French President Jacques Chirac, the 2001 “European Award” for “The long chemin sous le tunnel de Platon”, by the Association of French Language Writers, Paris and the 2014 “Personality of La Francophonie” by the Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He currently lives in Paris and lectures in geopolitics at the Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilisation (Institut des Langues et Civilization Orientales).

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